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Tara is the everything behind Grace Alyse Sweets - from business woman to baker! Spawning from an idea she had at her kitchen table to make sweet treat trays for the holidays for friends, her incredible skill has now turned into a full-time career.

Tara’s goal has been to create better gluten-free foods after needing to eliminate gluten 10 years ago. Though the gluten-free foods market has grown tremendously, she was still struggling to find gluten-free foods that taste as great as their traditional counterparts.

Grace Alyse Sweets is named using the middle names of Tara’s daughters because they are sugar and spice and everything nice... with the perfect amount of rough and tumble needed to grow up with so many brothers. There are plenty of mouths willing to taste test all of the sweets before they make it onto the menu.

Thank you for supporting this incredible dream and making it a reality.

Grace Alyse Sweets proudly operates out of an AHS inspected kitchen.

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